🔮 ✨Custom infinity moonstone pendant✨🔮 

🔮 ✨Custom infinity moonstone pendant✨🔮 

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Get your own #blessed moonstone Infiniti/ figure 8 wrap handmade by dr woke himself 😱

These pieces are the most intricate and time consuming for me to create so they cost a bit more. 

These pieces are also the most blessed out of all my wraps and they are blessed repeatedly during the process of creation ✨✨✨✨

Only 3 Available


Note: Please contact me at samfpromos@gmail.com or DM me on twitter for custom order inquiries. My time is limited but I can take a few orders over the next few weeks if you feel like you need a custom pendant to raise the vibrations in your life <3


-Dr. Woke

dr woke